Your Next Capital Raise

One of our goals in giving you investment advice during the pre-offering period is to make sure that your early rounds of capital are consistent with your later rounds of capital.

We want you and your investors to have the kind of securities, with the right terms and conditions, that will help your company grow into a big successful company.

This future-oriented focus is especially important if you ever decide to do an initial public offering.

We want all of your early investors to be ready to invest again, and we want you to have maximum access to new investors to raise future rounds of capital, without the burdens and constraints placed on you by venture capital firms.

We can help you with your next capital raise, no matter where you are taking your company, but as full disclosure, we love companies that want to grow into a huge company.

Our model of a great company is SAS, located in Raleigh, North Carolina. SAS started in the late 1970s, with 3 guys affiliated with NC State University in Raleigh, who knew something about statistical methods. They never took venture capital, and boot strapped the company during their early, stressful years. They are now the largest privately held company in the world.

PCM’s goal is for your company is to help you become the next SAS.