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If Your Company Is Ready To Raise Capital, We Are Ready to Help

The Private Capital Market manages the entire capital raise on behalf of the company.

Our services are called the investment advisor model of raising capital and we create the business infrastructure for you to offer your private securities in a public offering process

We provide full service investor lead generation services to find investors and management services to assist the CEO in conducting the offering. Our goal for your lead generation is build up a large data base of potential investors for you to solicit, both for the current capital raise, and for all your other future capital raises.

Our process for you is automated and online, ending in an automated closing. The investors sign your subscription agreement online. The securities leave your company account, in book entry computer form., and flow to their accounts. The capital leaves the capital escrow account and flows to your company account.

Our special competitive advantage for real estate companies is combining individual projects into much bigger projects, that have the appearance of a mini-REIT.

View our power point presentation on the new rules for raising capital.

In order to help you organize your schedule for managing your capital raise, you can view the chronology of tasks for the entire project here.

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