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This BCA website is owned by Laurie Thomas Vass, a capital market professional, who provides guidance to CEOs on issuing securities to raise capital.

Laurie also manages a second website, The Private Capital Market, that is focused on professional portfolio management.

Laurie Thomas Vass is a regional economist and a registered investment advisor representative of Investment Management & Insurance Advisors, Inc., a North Carolina registered investment advisory firm.

As an independent investment advisor to real estate companies and technology companies, Vass has been providing investment advice to CEOs on private placements since 1988.

Under the older 506(b) model, commonly called angel capital, she learned how to coordinate all of the components of a private placement, and used that experience to create the newer internet method of raising capital, using Reg D and Reg A.

Vass is a professional money manager, and is the inventor and holder of a research method patent on selecting technology stocks for investment.

She was cited by Peter Tanous, in The Wealth Equation, as one of the top 100 private money managers in the nation.

Vass is the author of eight books. All of her books are available for purchase at GABBYPress (www.gabbypress.com). The ebook versions are available at amazon.

She has published over 91 scholarly articles on the Social Science Research Network author platform, and is currently ranked in the top 1.3% of over 348,000 economic authors, worldwide, on the SSRN platform.

Many of her articles and books about North Carolina are archived in the Carolina Collection at Wilson Library at UNC.

Vass published 75 management consulting articles about raising capital on the global crowdfunding news website, CrowdSourcing.org, which recently terminated business.

One of her articles on CrowdSourcing, about estate planning for technology firm CEOs, was the single most highly viewed article on their global website, with over 240,000 views.

One of her early economic research papers, written for the North Carolina Department of Labor, included the policy guidelines for creating what eventually became The North Carolina Council For Entrepreneurial Development.

Vass is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has a undergraduate degree in Political Science and a Masters degree in Regional Planning.

In addition to being a licensed investment advisor, Vass is also licensed in North Carolina as a property, casualty, life and health insurance agent, and is a North Carolina real estate broker.

Prior to starting her advisory company in 1987, Vass was a regional economist and advisor to the Board of Directors of B. C. Hydro, and also served as an economic advisor to the N. C. Commissioner of Labor. She learned the retail stock trade as a broker, at E. F. Hutton.

Vass is a nationally-recognized speaker and has presented speeches related to regional economic development, capital markets, and technology innovation.Her most recent presentation was in June of 2016, at the iGlobal Real Estate Crowdfunding Conference in Los Angeles, where she gave a one hour presentation on the difference between using a website versus doing the raise directly.

She has addressed the Western Regional Science Association in California, twice, the State Science and State Science & Technology Institute (SSTI) national conference in Oregon, the Florida I-Ten annual conference, and the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, among other forums. She has appeared before a number of state legislatures to describe how regional crowdfunding can aid in metro and state economic development.

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