Offering Period

The CEO Becomes The Company’s Greatest Sales Person in Selling the Securities

There is nothing easy about finding investors and selling your securities.

During the six month offering period, we make your job easier by coordinating your marketing and sales efforts to sell your securities to accredited investors.

We provide the entire set of investor lead generation services, to lead potential investors into your own proprietary due diligence process, so that they can explore your offering.

Our media public relations service works to obtain events for you to speak at and media outlets for you to describe your company.

Your total marketing costs will be around $15,000 to $25,000, for any amount of capital. You will need to budget your expenses and have the cash ready to spend before you start the capital raise.

We have created a detailed price list for you to help you budget and plan for your marketing expenses during your raise. Contact us for this document.

If you need a business loan to finance the capital raise, we can help with that issue.

We manage the three main distribution selling channels for your private securities. You can do any combination of channels, and add channels during the offering.


  1. Your own internet marketing and public relations that draws investors to your Investor Relations page on your company website. In our full service lead generation, we implement:


Social media marketing.

Search engine marketing

Persuasion marketing.

Integration of internet marketing with your company website.

Emailing integrated with outgoing telephone calling to set up appointments for

you to talk to potential investors.


2. A newly developing sales channel of FINRA broker dealers who you retain to distribute your securities to their internal pool of client investors. This new sales channel is still under development and there are currently not many broker dealers who perform this task as a stand-alone service, without also wanting to have an exclusive right to distribute your securities, independent of other broker dealers.


3. The Accredited Investor Website Sales Channel consists of opening a company account at the website and placing your company profile on the website for potential investors to review.


Sales Channel One. Internet Marketing and Public Relations Services
PCM acts as the prime contractor with outside independent vendors to perform services on behalf of your company. The fees vary according to the services selected, but all fees are for a definite amount, for a definite period of time. PCM manages the relationship with each vendor and the vendor bills the client company directly for the services selected by the company CEO.
1. Traditional text press release distribution
PCM assists in the selection of the news distribution vendor. Some vendors will distribute both text and video for a higher monthly fee.
PCM assists client in writing press releases on 4 topics:
Company news and announcements
Company speeches and presentations.
New customer contracts.
New product releases, employees or milestones.
On a per issue basis. Generally, a single issue for a national press release distribution is about $300. The distribution can be targeted to specific groups and metro regions.

2. email targeted marketing campaign to affiliate and affinity accredited investors, targeted to the criteria that fits the company’s offering.
Vendors charge for the creation of email template to be used and embedding email template with
tracking code and link to the company IR web page.

  • One of our outside vendors, AccuData, provides list procurement and email distribution.
    The marketing criteria selected by the client company
    to match the key terms and interests of affiliate and affinity investors.

3. Often, the emailing to a selected affinity or affiliate list of potential investors is combined with our use of an outside call center to call and schedule an appointment for the CEO to talk with the potential investors, over the telephone. The job of the CEO during this call is to sell the securities to the investors because private securities are sold, not bought, and the person legally authorized to sell the securities is the CEO, or the designated executive, such as the CFO..

4 Placement of the Company Profile on outside crowdfunding listing sites and 35 LinkedIn investor group sites. This is a more passive selling technique because potential investors on these sites are overwhelmed with opportunities. Some of the more effective sites match the listing service with sales promotion to attract potential investors to the company listing.

5. Production and creation of 6 minute video advertorial produced and edited by third party video production partner.
PCM conducts live video news interview of CEO. The interview format follows the topics of the Quick Deal Overview.

6.Video ads distributed by outside media distribution agency.
PR Newswire
Business Wire
7. Off studio live video taping of company presentations at events.

Sales Channel Two. FINRA Broker Dealer Distribution and Broker Syndicates

FINRA brokers have an extra layer of regulatory compliance that they must meet in order to distribute your securities to their internal pool of accredited investor clients. Generally, but not in every case, the brokers may charge an upfront fee to conduct their initial investigation of the merits of the offering and the integrity of your executive management team. If they decide to provide services to you, they will charge a commission on the amount of capital that they raise for your company. The commission at closing is generally from 5% to 10% of the capital that they directly raised from their own internal pool of investors.

In other words, in order for you to retain a broker, you would generally pay both an upfront fee, and a sales commission at closing. Sometimes, a single brokerage firm will engage other firms to help distribute the securities, and this arrangement is called a selling syndicate. In most syndicate arrangements, the senior broker, or lead broker, enters selling agreements with the other brokers, and the brokers split the costs and commissions.

Our job is to represent your best interests in setting up your company relationships with brokers, if you decide to go that route. You are free to select any broker that you want to engage.

We mentioned that we have an established relationship with both FundAmerica, and Folio, both of whom are custodian clearing agent brokers. Folio offers distribution as a part of their more comprehensive escrow and custodian services.

Sales Channel Three. Accredited Investor Crowdfunding Websites.

As mentioned above, placing a profile listing on a crowdfunding website is a passive activity.

The terminology and classification of crowdfunding websites is in a great state of flux. There are no uniform or standard definitions or standards of practice. There are only about 14 websites, out of about 100 accredited investor websites, that could potentially be categorized as falling under the Reg D Rule 506(c) private placement regulations for an equity crowdfunding. The term “equity” in current industry usage implies both the issuance of equity and debt instruments.

The technology company CEO can pick and choose which websites to place the profile, and each website has a different fee structure. The comparison of websites is designed to assist the CEO in choosing which websites to deal with.

The real estate development company CEO can choose from profile listing sites. A comparison of real estate listing sites appears here.

As a special note of caution, some of the accredited investor crowdfunding websites are registered with FINRA as a broker/dealer. Most of the broker/dealer websites want an exclusive relationship with the company, which means that the company can not use other websites or the two other sales channels.

Some of the websites also have relationships with outside custodian and escrow agents, but the main strategy for PCM clients is not to use these other outside vendors. The main strategy is to land the potential investor on the company IR page, and have them follow the PCM path of due diligence, leading to the automated closing process.

Our job is to give you advice about your options and to represent your interests in dealing with a crowdfunding website.

The bottom line for you? Selling securities is hard and you are the main selling agent. Our job is to make your job easier.

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