Post Offering Period

The goal of your marketing strategy during the offering period is to attract investors to land on your company IR page.

After the offering closes, your goal is to keep your investors fully and fairly informed, so that they will invest again during your next raise.

Part of the importance of keeping your investors informed is related to the emerging markets for trading private securities. The SEC is implementing rules that allow private securities to be traded among accredited investors, individually, and also creating the regulatory framework for private securities exchanges, called Alternative Trading Systems (ATS).

Your job, after the offering period ends, is to maintain good relationships with your investors, and help them sell their securities, if they need liquidity. We can help you create and maintain your Investor Relations page to serve this purpose.

Some of our vendors can create your initial and on-going cap table, and can upload and archive company reports, on a periodic basis, just like you may eventually do if you become a public company.

We help you manage your post-offering relationships with your investors because we want you to retain us again, for your next capital raise.