We Manage Your Capital Raise

CEOs of technology companies and real estate development companies can outsource the capital market tasks of raising capital to us.

For real estate development companies, we package individual projects into a bigger project, that has the appearance of a mini-REIT. Investors buy shares of theĀ  mini-REIT to obtain a stream of interest income.

For technology company CEOs, we manage the entire project, as if we were an outsourced Vice President of Finance.

We manage the project from A – to – Z.Generally, the size of the raise is over $20 million, up to $50 million for a Reg A offering.

A CEO could easily go to a crowdfunding website to obtain this set of services, or they could use our services for a more customized approach.

Or, they could do the project entirely on their own.

Call us at 919 975 4856 to discuss your capital market goals.